How we work

Studio COME = COmpetence and Method

In choosing the name of our consulting firm, we decided to use the first syllables of the words COmpetence and MEthod: two elements that we believe essential in providing consultancy. Having good ideas or goals to reach is not enough if one does not know how to succeed in achieving them. We are convinced that the quality of the working method is crucial to reach any goal: in public policies, service providing or any other organisation.

Systemic approach

We are keen in creating or developing in every project a collaborative environment where clients and stakeholders can better operate to reach their aims.

Improving the existing

We are committed in promoting already existing projects and initiatives as a starting point to develop our work. In this perspective, we can establish synergies among the actors involved while benefiting from past experiences and capitalising them in projects we currently design.

Innovative approach

We welcome commissions on issues that we are exploring. Although this requires our best efforts to meet these new demands, it also contributes to enrich our competences, constantly updating and refreshing the bulk of our expertise.