Studio COME ltd is a consulting, training and research company, specialised in providing advice, monitoring, technical assistance and audits for the private sector and Public Administration.

Founded in 1998, Studio COME is based in Rome and operates throughout Italy and Europe. We design and manage research, consultancy, training activities and evaluation in welfare, health, equal opportunities, labour market policies and local development. Studio COME meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 quality management system standards. Studio COME’s areas of expertise also cover planning, implementing and evaluating national and international EU-funded projects and programmes.

Studio COME believes in participative working methods for their potential in enhancing the collaboration between different stakeholders emphasising at the same time the diversity of cultures, values, languages. This effort aims at facilitating exchanges between institutions, enterprises and third sector organisations. Studio COME is also committed in creating, developing and fostering networks at the local, national and international level, establishing a constant dialogue among institutions, public bodies, private companies, associations, NGOs and civil society organizations.

With the purpose of providing policy makers with evidence-based data and analyses to support strategic policies, Studio COME has developed competences and strategies to guide the Public Administration in the use of monitoring and participatory assessment techniques, promoting the networking with innovative interlocutors, encouraging the coherence of public policies and favoring their future sustainability.

Studio COME works for the private and the third sector supporting the innovation of organisational practices, focusing in particular on gender-related issues and human resources management. In this field, Studio COME designs and implements services to promote organisational wellbeing, non-discrimination and gender equality, diversity management and corporate social responsibility (CSR), also developing interventions in the area of work-life balance and reconciliation of work with family life.